Saturday, May 31, 2008

Baptisms and Spelling Bees

I've recently come to a realization. My babies aren't babies anymore! Everytime I turn around we're reaching another milestone, and today was one of those days. It was a big day at our house! Josh was baptized and became a member of our church. In our religion we wait until children are eight years old to baptize them, and Josh just turned eight earlier this month.

We had my mom and stepdad come in from out of town and some friends of our family joined us at the church for the big day. Everything went well and we're really proud of the decision Josh made.

So now that all the excitement is over, we're all crashed on the couch, worn out from the day! Here are a few photos of the big day.

It's actually funny for me to see family photos of us all dressed up. We do dress up for Church each Sunday, but we're diehard jeans and t-shirt people every other day of the week. We're really laid back people. So I rarely like to take family photos when we're all dressed up because I don't feel like those photos "feel" like us. So enjoy a photo of us all dressed up because you're unlikely to see another one for a while. :)

So baptism excitement pretty much took up our day around here, but the other excitement of this weekend was the National Spelling Bee. Are we the only geeks that actually sit down and watch that every year? We're so geeky that we actually DVR'd it so that we wouldn't miss any of it. I LOVE the national spelling bee! I'm proud of how hard those kids work and it's always exciting to see who wins. This year Josh was mesmerized by it. He's decided that he's going to start practicing for when he's old enough to do it. So look for him in a few years!

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Josh said...

I'm glad that I got baptized!