Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vicadin and Family Parties

I really never intended to turn this blog into a "poor me" saga, so I apologize in advance about this whiny post!! I promise to be back to my perky self next week. :) In the meantime you'll just have to bear with me because this is just NOT my favorite week ever. I spent the first half of it sick and drugged out on cold medicine and it's only gone downhill from there.

Last week I had a crown done on one of my teeth, and I've still got the temporary crown while they make the real one. A couple of days ago that tooth started to hurt and it's gradually gotten worse. I called the dentists office yesterday and explained to them how it was feeling and she said that it sounds like an occlusion, which means that the temporary crown is too high, so I'm putting pressure and stress on it when I bite down, which is pulling and bruising the ligaments under the tooth. Crap crap crap. It hurts so bad I can barely function. The bad news is that the dentist is out of the office until Monday, so I've got to see if I can find another dentist to see today or I'm stuck with the pain until Monday. I'm really NOT a happy camper.

When Shawn came home from work yesterday he reminded me that I had some Vicadin left over from my gallbladder surgery last year, so I took one of those and it actually helped a lot. Aaahhh...but I should have known that the problem wouldn't be that easy to fix!! I tend to have really strong reactions to medication. I have to take child doses of everything or I have crappy side effects. Well in my quest to feel better immediately I took a few regular doses yesterday, which was fine, but then I went to sleep last night and the craziness started. Apparently two of the side effects of Vicadin can be anxiety and fear. That sounds silly, but I'm prone to anxiety anyway and it doesn't take much to put it into overdrive. So I woke up every hour last night in a major panic for no aparent reason. It was the weirdest thing. I would wake up just freaking out about nothing, it would take me a minute to calm myself down and go back to sleep and then I'd wake up an hour later with the same thing. Me and medication just don't get along. And that stinks.

So now my options are severe pain, severe anxiety or I can take the anti-anxiety medication that I keep around for moments like this but it makes me really sleepy.
On a normal day I would probably just park myself on the couch and deal with it until it passes, but I don't have that option today!

Josh is getting baptized on Saturday and it's a really big event for our family. So tonight I have family coming in from out of town to stay with us for the weekend and I have a million things I have to do before they get here. Unfortunately that's seeming fairly impossible right now! I'm currently crashed on the couch in my pajamas having a pity party and trying to figure out how to get through this day.

So there's my whiny post for the day. I realize that no one really wants to hear about my pity party, but I do feel better to have gotten it out. I'm going to sit here for a half an hour and feel sorry for myself and then I'm going to drag myself upstairs and get to work. One way or another I've got to get this house whipped into shape by this evening.

I'm going to be a much happier camper when this weekend is over, I can get in to see my dentist and I can put this crappy week behind me!!

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sjb said...

Wendy, I hope you get some relief soon and can enjoy your weekend. I come via the BHB and am so glad you posted your blog link. I'm inspired by your photography story (I posted to you a while back for advice). I have a blog myself ( and have a link to my flickr account on it. If you have time to look at my photos I'd love to hear what you think.