Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boats and Barbecues

We had a REEEALLY busy day at our house today! I absolutely love holidays of any sort and because of that we tend to really overcelebrate them. We turn birthdays and anniversaries and other holidays like that into big weekend extravaganzas, and Father's Day is no exception.

I bought Shawn a big inflatable raft for Father's Day. Last summer we used to go out to the lake quite a bit to let the kids play in the water and every time we did we would mention that it would be really fun to buy a raft to float around the lake in. So I decided that it was time to stop talking about it and actually do it. I did some shopping and bought a great raft and we gave it to him last night. (Because part of my overexcitement of holidays includes never being able to wait until the actual holiday to give presents. I get too excited. I'm like a five year old. It's a sickness.)

So today we packed up the raft and the portable grill and way too much food and everything else we've ever owned in our entire lives and we packed it all to the lake. I swear we're like pioneers ready to cross the plains everytime we go out there. Like it's going to be so long before we see civilization again that we'd better pack everything just in case. It's obnoxious.

So the kids played in the water, we tried out the new raft, which was all kinds of fun, and we had a really great day.

A few months ago Shawn won a really cool portable charcoal grill/outdoor fireplace thing from a drug company promotion that we've been excited to try out. The problem is that we're total morons when it comes to using a charcoal grill. Shawn's really great with the gas grill in our backyard and we always enjoy using it in the summer, but give us a charcoal grill and we're like 90 year olds trying to download MP3's to an Ipod. We don't get it. We used it last weekend and I think we didn't use enough lighter fluid, so the charcoal didn't get hot enough or something and it took forever to cook hamburgers. So today we thought we'd get smart and use LOTS of lighter fluid, and then we didn't wait long enough for the coals to get ashy. So when the smoke eventually cleared the two of us were sitting there like the two stooges staring at the grill trying to figure out how to cook hamburgers without burning down the state park. I'm happy to say that after scrapping the first batch we DID eventually manage to cook some pretty decent hamburgers and no one even had to call 911. We rock.

So now we're home, we're all sunburned and exhausted and we're ready for round two of the Fathers Day extravaganza weekend tomorrow. Tomorrows gift for Shawn is the fifth Harry Potter movie on DVD and a pile of candy so that he can cozy up and watch a movie tomorrow afternoon in peace and quiet while he eats until he pukes. The kids also made him some fun gifts that I think he'll enjoy. After that I'll make him is favorite dinner and we'll have something fun for desert. It should be a fun day!

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the dads out there! :)

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