Friday, June 27, 2008

Wendy White, Party of One

Wow, it's a busy day around here!

Today was Josh's last day of second grade. He loves school, so I think he was a little sad to leave it, but he's looking forward to summer vacation. They've been working on animal presentations for the past couple of weeks in his class and today was the day they got to present them (a sneaky way for the school to make sure that parents don't plan a vacation and take their kids out for the last couple of days, I think!), so we got to over there this morning and watch.

Josh did his report on ducks, thanks to all we learned about ducks when we got to observe them in our yard, and he did a computer presentation. He LOVES making little Windows Movie Maker movies for us to watch, so he decided to make one about ducks for his presentation. It was really cute and it turned out great. I think everyone enjoyed it.

As soon as that was over we said goodbye to his teacher and friends and we ran home so that he could get ready to go to a birthday party for a friend of his. As soon as he gets home from that, Shawn and the kids are packing up and going to a Father and Sons campout with people from church.

Guess what that means?! I get to spend one glorious night all by my lonesome. In the entire 8 years that we've had kids I don't think that I've ever been home without them overnight before. Well tonight is the night. They're leaving around dinner time and they'll be home tomorrow, so I'm having my own little girls night by myself here while they're gone. I'm going to give myself a pedicure, make something yummy for dinner that nobody likes but me and then I'm going to eat chips and salsa and watch the second season of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD until I pass out on the couch. Woohoo! A whole night of things that no one in this house is interested in but me. Pure bliss. I look forward to the day that I finally have a daughter to spend these occasions with, but for now I'm on my own and I'm OK with that. A little alone time is a good thing sometimes.

Anyway, so between watching animal presentations, getting Josh ready for a birthday party, packing them up for a campout and getting myself ready for the alone night extravaganza, I've been pretty busy today.

OH! And I sold something on my website yesterday! I'm so excited for my first sale! Let's hope that wasn't the only one. I'm ready for business, so if you haven't been to my website yet, go check it out! :)


Heidi said...

Oh WOW!!! I'm so jealous!!! Have a SPLENDID time!!! :)

Minyo said...

Enjoy your aloneness tonight. I'm envious. Have FUN!