Monday, June 30, 2008

Why I Love My Kids And My Quest For the Perfect Photo

It's a photo story day today! :)

Today is officially the first day of summer vacation for us. Josh is out of school now, so our schedules are changing around here! It's nice having him around for Matthew to play with. I love that they're such good friends. This morning I heard Matthew call for Josh from the den. When Josh yelled back "What?" Matthew said "I love you!". It was just a little thing, but it made my day.

I love hearing my kids being so sweet to each other. They have their moments where they're at each others throats, but for the most part they are good friends and that makes me happy. I hope that they always stay close.

So with that story, you get these two photos in honor of my sweet boys. I took these last year and they're two of my very favorites. The first one is is a little more fun and the second one is more artsy. I actually have a 16x20 of the second one framed in my front hallway and I love that I can see it every time I go up or down the stairs. I'm actually thinking of entering that one in the fair this year.

Ok, so there's photo story number one. Story number two is my quest to get a decent photo of the dove nest in my tree!! When I get a photo idea in my head I can NOT let it go until I've accomplished it, so this is driving me crazy. I can't get a photo from my bedroom window because the nest is too far back in the tree.

So today I hauled the big ladder back there to see if I could get one that way. That didn't work because there were still branches in the way, so then I went and got my big hedge clippers and went to work chopping off branches. (And then I got carried away and decided to trim the walnut tree while I was at it, which means that now my backyard is covered in tree branches that have to be cleaned up.) I forgot to mention that it's 100 degrees here today, so spending my afternoon hauling a ladder around and hacking away at my trees was not really that much fun!

Anyway, after all that work was done I climbed up the ladder again and was happy to see that NOW I have perfect access to the nest. So I balanced preciously on the top of the ladder, holding my heavy camera with the heaviest lens and proceeded to focus the shot...and the bird flew away. Apparently she's not fond of me or my big obnoxious camera. So I figured that she wasn't going to come back until I left the yard for a bit, so I came back in the house.

About fifteen minutes later I decided to give it another try. So I climbed the ladder, balanced precariously on the top run, lifted my big heavy camera with the heaviest lens, focused the shot...and the bird flew away.


So after spending the afternoon hauling around a ladder, chopping down my trees, risking my life at the top of the ladder and sweating to death in 100 degree heat, here's the amazing, fantastic, incredible photo of the doves nest:


I'm going to get a photo of that darn bird in her nest if it kills me!! So join me next time for further adventures of the bird paparazzi.


Kari-Anne said...

Love your photos and I had to laugh at the bird storie . I always do that also - I have a great idea and I have to do it .. lol
I wanted a photo of my boys with the sky behind them up kwim?
So I was in my pool looking up at my sons with the white sky in the back lol .... it took some work but I got it . So I can understand and apreciate your hard work.I love the photos of your boys to ...

dterryphotography said...

I LOVE the picture of the boys on the ground looking at each other. Great idea!

The pigeon picture was pretty cool too.

Thanks for mentioning your blog on DPC! :-)