Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy days and Tuesdays

Three ingredients for a perfect morning:

1. Massive rain storm (I LOVE rain!)
2. Markers and coloring book pages
3. Conversation with an 8 year old

Today is off to a good start! We just had the wildest rain storm I've seen in Boise in a long time! It was slightly cloudy this morning, but it looked like it was going to clear up and be a sunny day, when all of a sudden the sky got dark, the thunder started and rain starting POURING! It doesn't rain much here in the summer, and if it does it's more like a light sprinkle. But this was more like rain of Noah's Ark proportions! I was getting ready to start collecting animals two by two!

Then the hail started and it sounded like it was raining gravel for a little while. It was awesome! I get really excited about big storms. I guess because we so rarely get them.

Anyway, while the rain poured, we decided to color. Josh printed out some cool designs called mandalas and we had a great time talking, coloring and watching it rain. I've decided that adults just don't color enough. I think that everyone should be required to put their work down for half an hour a day and get out a coloring book. It's quite calming! We had a good time and I made quite a colorful creation with my mandala.

It was also a good time to partake in some eight year old conversation. I love Josh, he cracks me up and it's fun to spend some one on one time with him. I don't know if I've mentioned it, but aside from the fact that Josh is a boy, I swear I cloned myself when I gave birth to that kid. It's almost eerie all the things we have in common and all the things we do exactly the same. Not all of them GOOD things, but still, we do them exactly the same, lol. We think the same way, we react to things the same way and we have most of the same likes and dislikes. He keeps telling me that he wants to write books when he grows up, which makes me smile because that's the exact same thing I used to tell my mom when I was his age. (I never wrote a book, but I hope he does!) He even sleeps in the same specific position that I do. It's weird. He also gets as excited about rainstorms as I do, so it seems like every time it rains the two of us get together for some bonding time. He's a good kid. I hope that he still wants to spend time with me when he's a teenager.

So anyway, there it is. Coloring with an eight year old while it rains. I'm telling you, there's no better way to start your day. :)

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Josh said...

I hope I still will like to bond with you when I'm a teenager too, (I should). I like bonding with you. It was very fun.