Saturday, August 30, 2008

Birds of a Feather go on vacation together

The White's are on vacation! Woohoo! Thursday morning we packed up the van and drove six hours to a resort in Park City, Utah. We love to go on vacation so we've been cramming all sorts of excitement into the past few days! We've been to the zoo, Tracy Aviary, the Salt Lake temple, the planetarium, and a few other fun places. Today we're headed out on some other fun adventures!

So of course the best part for me was going to the Tracy aviary! That's the place that Shawn and I went last month when we were in Salt Lake without the kids. I swear, I want to move to Utah just so I can go to the aviary on a daily basis!

Last time we were there we went too late in the afternoon for some of the activities that they offer there, so this time we went first thing in the morning. The BEST part of the aviary is that for $2 they'll let you go into the Sun Conure exhibit and feed the birds! Sun Conures are part of the parrot family. They're really pretty and very friendly! We got to go in there and feed them apples, and as soon as you hold out your arm a whole bunch of them land and fight over the apple! Matthew wasn't so sure about having birds land on his arm, so he mostly just watched, but the rest of us had a ball! In fact, we liked it so much that we went and paid for it again so that we could do it again!

Here are a few pictures of the fun.

They're not great photos, but they're just so US! I think we're always going to look back on this trip and remember how much fun we had feeding the birds.

I have more stories and more adventures to share, but they're going to have to wait because it's time to get up and start another day of adventures! We've got dinosaur museums to visit, aquariums to see and we're not going to quit until we're too tired to walk. :)

OH!! And there's one more event I'm looking forward to!! About three years ago we came up to Park City in the spring and it happened to be the weekend that the Park City library was doing a used book sale. Anyone that knows me knows how silly I get when there's a used book sale going on! I love books, I'm constantly looking for old books that I read when I was young and I love it when anything is one sale, so I get way too excited when it comes to used book sales! Anyway, the last time we were here I went to the sale and left with a HUUUGE arm load of books and I was on a used book high for weeks after that!

And by some crazy coincidence, the Park City library is doing another used book sale this weekend!! Woohoo! So I'll be dragging my family over to the library to see how many books we can carry out of the library.

Between getting to feed birds and going to a used book sale, this is shaping up to be one of my favorite vacations ever! :) Some people need beautiful beaches and tropical scenery to have a good vacation. I just need an aviary and some good used books. :)

Check back for more adventures coming soon!


dterryphotography said...

Oh my gosh - we LOVE Sun Conures! A few years ago I gave my wife a young Sun Conure. She had to feed it by hand several times a day. It was so pretty - much like the ones in your picture. Not too long after that, I gave my daughter a dog for Christmas. Sadly... dog killed the bird and the whole family was in tears for an entire week. I've never replaced the Conure (because we still have the dog), but it sounds like a trip to the Aviary is in order!

Unknown said...

Oh sounds like so much fun!! I'm sure there's a bunch of us here in Utah that wouldn't mind you moving here ;)