Sunday, August 31, 2008

More fun in Utah!

We're having so much fun on our Utah vacation that I'm really going to be sad to go home tomorrow!!

Yesterday was a really fun day! We went to the library book sale (WOOHOO!) and then we drove out to Sandy to visit the Living Planet Aquarium, which was super fun! They have a big open tank of sting rays and you can actually put your hand in the tank and pet them! And the funniest thing is that apparently sting rays are really friendly. They kept coming right over to people and poking their heads out of the water or putting their "wings" out of the water so that people could touch them. I never in my life thought that I would pet a sting ray, but it was really cool!

After that we drove out to Thanksgiving Point to visit the amazing Dinosaur museum they have out there. That is a REALLY great place! It's really big and is full of all kinds of amazing exhibits. The kids enjoyed building islands out of sand and digging for fossils and we saw a a really neat 3D IMAX documentary about the ocean.

After all of that fun we went back to Sandy to have dinner at the Mayan Palace restaurant. That's the neatest restaurant I think I've ever been to! It's themed out to Disney proportions, I really thought we were back in Disney World there for a while! It's really big and is made to look like a Mayan temple on the inside, and then it also has a big rock waterfall area and every half hour they do a show where cliff divers come and dive off the waterfall into the water. We really enjoyed our meal there!

Today we're mostly going to be hanging out in Park City. The place we're staying at is a resort with all sorts of family activites right on the property. They have a list every day of all the fun activities they have planned and there are some really fun ones! This morning we're taking the kids downstairs to make something with fuse beads which they're very excited about.

Tomorrow we're going to be sad to pack up and head home. We've really had SUCH a great time! If you've never been to Utah, I highly reccomend visiting someday, there are all sorts of fun things to do here!

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Unknown said...

You wanna know something sad, I live in Utah and have never done half the stuff you just did *sigh* Maybe I should go on vacation and just stay here one year and have fun.
Glad you had fun *grin*