Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The family that Wii's together

So after last nights sad news, I do have happier things to discuss today!

I have been resisting introducing my kids to the world of video games for a while. I'm not really a big fan of Playstations and that sort of thing. I just don't need to give my kids another reason to park themselves on the couch all afternoon. I always said that I would never buy game systems for our kids and I really intended follow through with that.

But then I started hearing about the Wii and my willpower has been crumbling for a while! The great thing about Wii is that there are all kinds of fun games that require you to get up and DO something, instead of just sitting on the couch. That sounded like something I might be able to get on board with.

And then the Wii Fit was born and I was completely fascinated. It's taken everything I had not to go out and buy one months ago.

I tried to resist! I reminded myself that I vowed not to become a video game family. I reminded myself of all the reasons I don't like them. I tried, really I did.

And then yesterday my willpower was depleated, so I marched myself down to Target and bought one.

Crap, I have no willpower.

But I don't care because seriously, the Wii is the coolest thing EVER! :)

For those of you who aren't familiar (although by the sound of it lately I think I was the last person on the planet that didn't already own one!) let me tell you all about the Wii. It's a regular old game system but it comes with a super cool wireless remote that tracks your motion. The system comes with several sports games. So you can play tennis and actually use the remote as a racket. When you swing your arm the little person on the screen swings their arm. The remote can become a golf club, a bowling ball and all sorts of fun things. SO COOL! Matthew has officially become the bowling champion in the family. That kid rocks!

And then there's the Wii Fit. Only the coolest thing since sliced bread. You stand on the platform and it weighs you, gives you your BMI, tests your balance and posture, lets you set weight loss goals and then charts it all for you! So everyday when you step on it adds your new info to your graph. Sooo cool. And even better, it becomes a whole little home areobics class! There are all sorts of super cool games you can play that work you out, and it teaches you yoga, aerobics, strength training and it works on your balance. You can play the hula hoop game and every time your swing your hips the platform you're standing on senses the movement and your the little computer person on the screen swings their hips. The platform becomes a step for step class, a tighrope for balance training, and all the time it's sensing your movements to make sure you're doing it right. Looove it!

So anyway, now I've done it. I've backed down on one of the biggest rules of the house. We are now a video game family. I'm going to have to come up with some other rule that will be much easier to keep. Something like no elephants in the backyard or something. I'm pretty sure I can uphold that rule.

But in the meantime, the White's are having a ball with our new toy. It's really not a sit on the couch kind of game system. I'm only buying games that require you to get up and do something, and I'm only buying games that we can all play together. We had a pretty good family tournament last night playing the sports games. I forsee many more of those to come! And this morning I drug myself onto it to hear the Wii Fit tell me how out of shape I am. It was nice being in denial all this time...

So there you have it. The broken rule that turned out to be a lot of fun. Sometimes you just have to break your own rules in life, right?!


Jenn said...

We are totally not game system people, but the Wii sounds like a blast! I really, really want a Wii Fit now. So no, you're not the last family to get one. We are. We suck and I think we need to change that! Thanks for posting about it, I really needed someone to explain the appeal that wasn't trying to sell me one! The Fosters are getting a Wii folks!

Lisa said...

I love my Wii. And I love Wii Fit...but I don't love that little voice that goes, "Oh!" every time I step on the platform. Nope. Don't love that one bit.


Jeni said...

I could have typed your post about not being a video game family but I also have been thinking about getting a Wii! I'm thinking it's going to be our family Christmas gift! Of course I better look online now while they can still be found, at least if they can be found online? haha

Melanie said...

We love our Wii, too. I haven't purchased Wii Fit yet, but we love Mario Kart and highly recommend it. DH and I also liked playing Super Smash Bros. at night after the kids go to bed.

Carrie said...

We love love LOVE our Wii! I'm waiting for dh to buy me Wii Fit. So far we love the sports package, and we just bought Wii Play last week. That one's fun too, just more of a "sit still" kind of game.