Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lazy Tuesday

Not a lot going on here today. We're passing a cold around our house, unfortunately. Shawn got it last week and now Josh has it. Poor kid, he's been pretty sick. We kept him home from school yesterday and ended up taking him to the doctor yesterday afternoon because he was coughing so much he was throwing up. He was also having a hard time breathing and I was worried it was turning into pneumonia or something.

The doctor listened to his lungs and could hear something going on in there and was going to do an x-ray, but he decided to try a breathing treatment first. After some Albuterol he was sounding much better and the doctor decided that he was OK.

Today he's doing better and he really wanted to go to school, but he's still coughing some and he still sounds a little wheezy. I'd rather be safe than sorry, so we're keeping him home for one more day. I think by tomorrow he'll be well enough to go back.

So that's pretty much all that is going around here lately. Not too exciting! I was supposed to go to a PTA meeting last night but I skipped it since Josh was sick. Somehow I've become the official school photographer. Last year I mentioned to someone that I would be happy to take some candids at school functions if they neeeded a photographer and they jumped right on that! Now I'm on the PTA board as the school photographer. I get to go to all the activities and take photos that they'll use in the yearbook or for whatever else they do with photos, I guess! Fun stuff!

I wish I had something more interesting to blog about today, but I guess I don't. I've been home nursing sick people for the past several days, so there hasn't been a lot of exciting adventures going on here. I have a great big stack of books that I bought at the library book sale in Park City, so while I'm not out buying cough drops and making people soup I've had my nose in a book a good portion on the time.

One of my favorite things to buy at library book sales are books that I've already read and loved. I like rediscovering old favorites that I either used to own and have lent out or given away or ones that I checked out at the library and wished I had my own copy of. Right now I'm rereading White Oleander. That's a fantastic book that I haven't read in a while. Next on my list is the Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls. That ranks pretty high up there as one of my favorite books of all time but I lent my copy to my mom and never saw it again so I was happy to find a new copy at the book sale. After that one I've got the whole Big Stone Gap series to reread. I know I'm just a total nerd, but having a huge stack of books waiting to be read makes me very happy! :)

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