Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Readathons and brotherly love

I've got two completely unrelated topics to discuss today!

First of all, it's the elementary school's annual readathon this week. Woohoo! Every year they have the kids get pledges for how many minutes they read and then for one week they read as much as they possibly can. There are daily prizes for the person who read the most in each class and they have other fun incentives. We're a bunch of book lovers around here, so the readathon is always a fun event in our house.

The kids have really been trying their hardest to read a lot each day and every night this week we're having our own family readathon. After dinner we all get our jammies on, curl up in blankets in the living room and then I give everyone a fun snack and we all read for at least an hour. It's been really fun, we've all enjoyed it. The boys both read for two hours yesterday and Matthew read the most in his class, so he got to keep a trophy on his desk all day, which he was really excited about!

So on to topic number two. Last night when we were just finishing reading, Matthew got a papercut on his finger from the book he had been reading. He was kind of upset about it and Josh offered to go get him a bandaid. I thought that he was just going to bring me one so that I could fix Matthews finger, but he actually took Matthew into the bathroom with him, made sure that Matthew washed his hands and the put the bandaid on his finger for him. He was SO sweet about it and made Matthew feel so much better.

I know that it's just a little thing, but it was one of those special mom moments. I have normal kids that fight with each other and drive each other crazy sometimes, but it's sweet moments like that that just make me remember how much I LOVE being a mom and how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE my kids. I fought like cats and dogs with my siblings growing up and it's super super important to me that my kids have a close bond with each other. I really hope that they grow up to be the kind of siblings that hang out together and really enjoy each other as friends, and it's moments like that that make me feel like maybe my constant speeches about how you should love your brother are actually sinking in! Hearing my kids giggling together or working on a project together is my very favorite part of being a mom.

So that's my news for the week. Books have been read, papercuts have been healed and we're having a pretty good week around here. Right now Shawn is chaperoning Josh on a cub scout field trip to the firestation and when he gets home we'll eat dinner and get back to the books! You can never read too much around here!


Jenn said...

Your own family readathon sounds great, can I come live with you?! I'm the only reader in my family and it drives me nuts, can I tell you how much I would LOVE for my family to get in the jammies with the blankets and snacks so we could all have reading time together? That would be fantastic!

Wendy said...

Come on over and bring your jammies! :)