Friday, September 5, 2008

The waiting game

Every week we get an e-mail from our adoption agency giving us updates about anything new and it usually also contains news about families that have gotten matched with their baby over the past week and how long they waited.

The average wait is 18 months and every week I look at the referral announcements to see how long each family waited. For the most part it seems like it's usually between about 17-19 months, which is basically what they've quoted us all along.

Well today I got my update and there was an announcement of two families that were matched this week and one family waited 15 months and the other waited 16 months. I think that's the shortest referral times I've seen so far.

So I know that probably means nothing, but I can't help but get my hopes up a little that maybe it's not going to take us as long to be matched with Clarissa as I think it's going to be.

They don't strictly go by the person at the top of the list. When a baby becomes available they look at the family at the top of list first and see if their profile matches the baby. If not they go on to the next family and so on. So just because one family gets a referral early doesn't mean that everyone will, and they're careful not to tell us what our place in line is, since being next in line doesn't mean that you'll get your baby next.

But STILL, I can't help but be excited by the update today. Maybe things are speeding up! Maybe we're going to get a pleasant surprise and Clarissa is going to join our family quicker than I think. I can hope, right?!

*sigh* This is just me being tired of the wait. I've banned myself from the Korean adoption board, maybe I need to ban myself from the weekly updates as well!

I'm actually getting more excited about the thought of Clarissa being born early next year because it suddenly seems like everyone I know is announcing pregnancies and they're all going to be born early next year!

I have two really great friends who live around the corner from me that I really enjoy spending time with. One of them recently announced that she's pregnant and due in March and the other one is doing her first round of IVF in two weeks and if she gets pregnant (and I'm hoping and praying that she does, they've been trying for so long), she'll be due in May. I'm loving the idea of all three of us having new babies in the spring. How great would that be?! My brother also called recently to let me know that his sweet wife is pregnant and due in April. I'm so thrilled for them and I'm so excited about us having babies at the same time!

Spring is going to be a super exciting time around here, and I hope that the excitement includes finally getting to know our own sweet Clarissa.


tren said...

I hope your turn is coming really soon. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Jeni said...

It will be so nice to have friends with kids the same age! Sounds like everything is working out great!