Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The countdown

Every now and then when I get down about the adoption wait, I find new ways to count it down. The 18 month waiting mark, which is the approximate time that we hope to be matched with a baby and actually see a picture of Clarissa, would be in May.

I only have two dental checkups before then.
I'll get my hair cut five times between now and then.
There are six major holidays to get through.

I have a whole list of ways I count. So when I go get my next haircut I can remind myself that it's only going to be FOUR more haircuts until she gets here. That doesn't sound very long, right? I've never been more excited to schedule six month dental checkups. I have one in November and then by the next time I have to go it will almost be referral time.

So today I was watching a rerun of The Office, which everyone knows I'm totally obsessed with, and it occured to me that right about the time the season finale comes in the spring it will be referral time. So every week when I watch The Office I can remind myself that I'm one Office episode closer to Clarissa. I'm normally bummed when the season finale is over and I have to go all summer with no new Office, but this time I can't WAIT for the season finale.

So there you go, I know it sounds silly, but the more small milestones I can count past, the shorter the wait feels. By the way, there's only seven more mortgage payments until May! Woohoo! :)

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Jaime said...

I love the way you're counting down until you have your sweet baby. Sometimes finding unconventenal (sp, i know lol) ways of counting down makes the time go by so much quicker. 9 months seems like forever to wait while you are pregnant and I really admire you and you're families ability to stick it out and keep your eye on that sweet baby girl. She'll be here before you know it! Good luck!