Friday, October 24, 2008

More randomness

You know what I'm craving right this minute (at 10:40 in the morning)? Food from Texas Roadhouse. I want BBQ chicken, I want those super yummy honey butter rolls, and I really want some mashed potatoes. It's 10:40 in the morning. I'm not going to HAVE food from Texas Roadhouse. I'm just going to sit here and think about it. All morning.

So I was all excited about The Office being on last night, I herded the kids into bed a little bit early, I got all in the mood to watch some Jim and Pam...and then I turned the TV on and found out that Boise decided that they needed to have a live local political debate and that it needed to be on Thursday night at 8pm and that it needed to be on NBC. WHAT?! I'm sorry, but I can not vote for any politician that does not appreciate the importance of Office night. Therefore I'm afraid that I can not vote in this years local election. So there.

Ok, so I'll still vote, but I'm holding a grudge.

Remember last month when we got to go to Josh's school for a little awards ceremony? Well we go the letter again to attend, this time for Matthew! So this morning we got to go back over to the school to watch Matthew get the academic acheivement award for his class and I've honestly never seen him more proud of himself. Cutest thing EVER. He knew that today was the day, so he woke up at 6:30 this morning and came running into our room to announce that he was getting dressed. The ceremony was at 8:30. No need to rush. :)

I got up around 7:00 and he was right there reminding me to hurry and get in the shower so that we wouldn't be late. Then he helped me find clothes to wear. Then he helped Josh find his clothes. Then he found everyone's shoes and told us to hurry up and get our jackets on.

So there we were, at 8:10 am, sitting in the empty lunch room on the front row, waiting for everyone else to show up so that Matthew could get his award. I'm pretty sure he thought he was being awarded a medal of honor or the Nobel Prize.

8:30 rolled around and everyone showed up and we sat through all the other awards (of course they start at 5th grade and work their way down), and FINALLY it was Matthews turn. His teacher got up and announced that he was the academic award winner of the month and he proudly marched up there and shook the principals hand and accepted his certificate. Then he stood up there proudly while they announced the rest of the kindergarteners and he kept giving us the thumbs up sign. I LOVE that kid.

On the way home I remarked to him how proud I was of him because he got an academic award, which means that his teacher thinks that he's doing a really good job in school. And he said "OH! That's what it was for?!"

I LOVE being a mom. My kids find a way to make me laugh every single day.

Right now it's 1:56am tomorrow in Korea, and it's 49 degrees. I hope Clarissa has warm pj's on and I hope that there is someone to smile at her when she wakes up.


Rebecca said...

Congrats to Matthew! What an achievement! I love how he said "Is that what it was for?" Out of the mouths of babes!

Kate said...

Wow you are such a great Mom and Clarissa is seriously the luckiest kid. The last few sentences brought me to tears. I love that she will know when you print this out one day that she was in your thoughts constantly even in little ways but how wonderful that you want something simple for her like to be warm and have a safe happy face smiling at her. Beautiful. Thank you for making me cherish my little one.
WiiMiii (BBC)

Jenn said...

Yay Matthew! Your guys are rocking the awards ceremonies! That's so sweet that you think of Clarissa like that, she's going to be so loved when she gets to you guys.