Monday, October 13, 2008

New day, new attitude

Whew, I'm in a much better mood today! I don't know what my deal was yesterday but I appreciate the comments letting me know that it's not just me!

The weather seems to be warming up again, which is nice! I like cold weather, but I'm not quite ready for it this early in the year. We haven't gone to the pumpkin patch yet and I don't want to freeze when we go! I'm good with the snow, but let's at least wait until November.

The house is feeling awfully quiet today with the kids gone. I think it's a good day for me to work on a project, but I don't really have one that I'm in the middle of right now. There are many things that I SHOULD be doing, but not really anything that I WANT to do. I think we all know that feeling!

OH! Here's something to discuss! I got the weekly update from the adoption agency on Friday and two more people got their referrals last week with a wait of 16 months! I'm starting to see more now that are less than 18 months. Not MUCH less, but that would be two less months that I don't have to obsess about waiting! If we have a 16 month wait, that would mean that Clarissa would be born next month and we'd hear about it in March. I need to stop thinking these things though because then I'll just be sad if March comes and goes and we don't hear anything. My birthday is in April, a referral would sure make a nice birthday present, wouldn't it?! :)

Oh, and speaking of March, we just found out that we've been invited to go to Memphis again in March by one of the companies that Shawn does business with at the pharmacy! Every year they invite their top buyers to come to Mempis for a few days (where the company is located) and they spoil us rotten. We got to go in February for the first time and it was SO fun! They paid for everything, put us up at the Peabody where the famous march of the ducks is (cutest thing EVER!), we got to see an NBA game in a skybox where a chef was brought in to cook for us, and we really just had the coolest trip ever. My mom watched the kids last time and she's agreed to do it again this time, so it's just a few days for me and Shawn to get away by ourselves. I'm super excited that we've been invited again! The only problem is that it means I have to fly across the country again and I HATE to fly. I've got to learn to suck it up though, just in case we decide to fly to Korea!

OK, so there are all my random thoughts for the day. I thought maybe I'd come up with something more intersting to talk about, but I guess it's not happening today! I'll go find myself a project to work on and maybe it will give me something to blog about tomorrow. :)

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