Saturday, October 25, 2008

Nope, not a lion

So the kids are just getting ready to go to bed and we had our nightly family prayer and then I talked to the kids about remembering to pray for Clarissa. I thought it would also be a good time to go over what's going to be coming up with the adoption, so I explained to the kids that early next year we'll get a picture in the mail of Clarissa and we'll get to learn all about her, but it will take a few more months after that before we actually get to meet her and bring her home. I told them that after we get her picture and learn about her, we'll get to send her presents in the mail to Korea and they seemed to really like that idea. We talked about things we could send her, maybe the kids could draw her a picture, or maybe we could find her a special toy or a special blanket. That sounded good to the kids and they left the room chatting with each other about what they might send Clarissa. And then I hear Matthew say "But I don't think we should send her a lion...."

Nope, probably not a lion. :)


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Hi, Wendy,

You don't know me. However, I've been following your journey ever since you announced it on the Bargain Board over at Babycenter. Then, I followed the link to your blog and have been following it ever since. DH and I are getting ready to start the adoption process for a little girl in Korea, also. We, also, have two boys. Ages 7 and almost 3. We are so excited to start this journey. I wonder if you and I could talk through email? I feel like we have so much in common. My email is sselby 001 @ nc. rr. com(no spaces). Good luck and I hope that you are not waiting on Clarissa too much longer.