Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One month closer!!!

I can't believe I forgot to blog yesterday! It was the 21st, the day we're officially one month closer! As of yesterday we have now waited 11 months. WOOHOO! And knowing that the wait is now around 15 months, that only leaves us around four months to go. And with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas to get through, I think that time is totally going to fly by.

It's feeling real to me now. I feel like it's suddenly in reach and it's actually going to happen!! The wait has been extremely difficult for me, but ever since they moved the date up a little bit, it has really kind of renewed my spirit. I know that it's only a few months closer that in was, but that's just what I needed to hear to keep me going. Four months doesn't seem long to me at all, especially since half of that is through Thanksgiving and Christmas, and those months always seem to fly by.

Someone in my comments yesterday suggested that I print out this blog so that Clarissa can read it someday. There's actually company online that will turn your blog into a book, so I've been thinking that that's what I'll do. I think after she gets here I'm going to take all the posts that are about her and I'm going to have them made into a book that she can keep. Then someday if she ever goes through a hard time about being adopted, she'll have that book to read, to remind her how much she was wanted and loved. Adoption is a wonderful thing.


Jeni said...

I had never heard of a company making it into a book! Maybe I will do that about our time in Guam. Of course sometimes my posts are my own ramblings and nothing to do with Guam! LOL Also we've only been here two months so we will see what the next few years brings!

Lacy Rose said...

Wenders can you give me the link to the site that prints your blog into a book? I was looking for something like that.


Wendy said...

It's called Blurb. I haven't tried it yet, but it looks super cool! :)