Thursday, October 23, 2008


I decided that I should blog today, but I've been sitting here for five minutes and I can't think of anything exciting to blog about! This has been a kind of boring week, actually. Nothing new in adoption news, I haven't taken any cool photos lately, the kids aren't up to anything new, and I'm kind of blah today.

OH! I do have something fun to blog about actually! Every now and then Shawn gets a few perks for being the manager of his pharmacy and a few days ago he got an iPod touch as an incentive prize from one of his suppliers! Shawn isn't into electronics all that much and he already has an iPod nano that I bought him for Christmas last year, but his big computer nerd of a wife is TOTALLY into them, so he passed his iPod prize onto me! Yay! I'm totally obsessed with fun electronic gadgets, I love stuff like that. I already have a regular ipod, but I'm totally over the moon about my new iPod touch. I'm amazed at how cool it is and all the neat things it can do. There are all sorts of fun games and applications, I can get internet on it, I can check my e-mail on it and all sorts of other fun things. I know, I already have a laptop that does all those things, but when you're a big electronics nerd you can't have too many gadgets. :) I'm going to put episodes of The Office on it. You can't have too much Jim and Pam in your life. :)

I even set my iPod touch to tell me the time and weather in Korea. I just checked, at the moment it's 6:56 in the morning (tomorrow) and it's 48 degrees. If Clarissa has been born I hope that she's warm. It's cold outside. I hope that someone is loving her and keeping her safe. I hate not knowing for sure.

Ok, so maybe that's all I have to blog about today. There is a new eposide of The Office on tonight! I wish Pam would come home. Seeing her and Jim talk on the phone is just not the same. They need to get married and have little Jim and Pam babies already. :)

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