Saturday, October 11, 2008

Return of the crazy bird lady

I got a new bird in my tree today! Yay! A couple of days ago I heard a different bird call outside than I normally hear. I recognized that it was a different bird, but I couldn't locate it in the tree. Today I heard it again, so I stayed by the window and waited for a few minutes and finally a really pretty bird hopped onto a branch near the window. I immediately went to work to identify it (I keep a birds of Idaho book next to the window. Nerd alert.) and it's a Northern Flicker! I've heard that we have them in the area, but I had never actually seen one until today. He seems pretty timid. He went to eat at the feeder and kept looking around nervously like he was waiting for something to jump out and grab him. Don't worry, it's just the crazy bird lady taking your picture!

So here he is, my newest bird friend:

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Kelly said...

Lurker here.......that is such a beautiful bird, and picture!