Friday, November 14, 2008

"The Classic" soundtrack

So aside from The Classic being the best movie ever, it also has the best soundtrack ever! I've added a little music player to the side of my blog and if you click the play button it will play a song from the soundtrack. I'm not completely clear on the name of the song because I've seen it translated a few different ways. The name on the track I found on the website listed it as "More Love...", but on the lyric translation site I read it listed it as "If We Are in Love, Then..." so I don't know what it's called exactly.

I decided not to make it automatically play when you open my blog because I know that's annoying, but you have to promise to listen to it at least once, because it's an absolutely beautiful song!

Here are the translated lyrics, which make more sense once you see the movie!

As I appear over the top of the hill you see me
I don't need to speak, you already know what's on my mind
Without ever knowing why we came to be together as if just by chance
I won't change my mind just as a rainbow doesn't stop until it reaches the heavens

If we are in love we shouldn't worry about our hearts becoming lonely or broken
I just believe that this is not the end
So lately I've woken up to the fact that love can't be denied
It seemed like you came to me by chance but I know that it was fate that brought us together
If we are in love we shouldn't be afraid of anything pulling us apart
I just believe that this is not the end
This is not the end...

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