Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The annual Christmas Eve photo

Merry Christmas Eve! We've seen the Christmas lights, we put out the Santa key, we opened our new pj's, we left food for the reindeer, we put out the cookies for Santa and the kids are all snuggled in their beds. Another successful Christmas Eve!

So every year after the kids open their jammies before they go to bed I take a photo of them in front of the Christmas tree. I started the tradition by accident really. I took a photo of them on Christmas Eve when Matthew was a baby and then the next year I realized that just by cooincidence I took another photo of them in front of the tree that looked just like the one the year before. A tradition was born. :)

So tonight I bring you all the photos from Christmas's past, as well as tonights photo. It's fun to watch them grow up and I'm excited to think that next year the photo will change as we add Clarissa to the photo!

Merry Christmas! :)


Jenni said...

Aww what a cute idea with the pajamas. I hope your family had a Merry Christmas.

Jenn said...

Those are some great pictures! What a fabulous idea!! Hope the Whites had a wonderful Christmas!

Megan said...

They have some CUTE jammies!!

Jeni said...

I can't wait until next year when there will be a litle girl in the mix! :)

Michelle said...

I love the photos!! And the jammies. :)
I accidentally came across your blog a few months ago and have been an avid reader ever since. You have inspired me to start my own family blog. EEK!
Congrats on your magazine cover! I bet it will be awesome. I hope that the new year brings you lots more success with your photography business and a bouncy baby girl named Clarissa! Can't wait to see the Christmas Eve photo next year. :)
Michelle in WI

Emilyplays said...

How adorable are your boys in their matching PJs! Adding Clarissa to the picture will take it clean over the top! I'me just doing a little catching up on my "reading" sorry for the late comment!