Friday, December 19, 2008

New look

Two things around here got a cosmetic update last night. This blog, and Josh!

The last few days Josh has been complaining of eye problems. His left eye kept getting blurry and he was seeing spots. I was concerned (OK, freaking out), so yesterday we got him in to the eye doctor. The eye doctor did a really thorough check of his eyes and it turns out that he's having visual migranes. Basically it's a migrane without the pain. They're not uncommon and nothing to worry about, except that they're probably a little annoying. I hope that they don't lead to regular migranes though. We're keeping and eye on it.

But what the eye doctor DID discover is that Josh needs glasses! This is not surprising news to anyone really, since every single person in my family and almost everyone in Shawn's family has poor eyesight. I got glasses in the fourth grade and I believe Shawn was in the sixth grade. We've known since we had kids that there was almost no chance that they were going to be lucky enough to have perfect eyesight!

Fortunately Josh is THRILLED with the idea of having glasses. It's been funny to see how excited he is about them. We spent a while last night at the eye doctor picking out the right pair, and he loves the ones we picked. It's going to take a week or two for them to be ready and he can't wait! It's going to be strange to see him with glasses on, but I'm sure we'll get used to it. He said that his glasses make him look smart!

Then we got home, got the kids to bed and I decided to update my blog decor. I spent a while working on the header and I love it, it makes me smile. But I can't wait until I can replace Clarissa's dress with an actual picture of Clarissa in our family collages!

So there you have it, two makeovers in the same night. Today I'm just going to be running around getting some last minute Christmas stuff done while the kids are at their last day of school before Christmas break. We were planning to go out of town this weekend for a family Christmas party in my hometown, but it's supposed to snow all weekend and we're not sure how badly we want to make the trip in crappy weather. It's a four hour drive and I just don't know if we're up to it this weekend.

So chances are we're just going too stay home, watch it snow, maybe go see a movie and hopefully build a snowman in the yard. Those are the kind of weekends I love. :)


Aly said...

I love your new header! Great Job

~Sara~ said...

Awesome new look Wendy! So much for our huge winter storm last night, huh?! I had to laugh about Josh's glasses comment, my son David said the same thing when he got glasses. Have a great weekend! ~Sara~

Melanie said...

Can't wait to see his new specs!