Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Photo frenzy day five

It's the last day of my magazine shoot! Yay!

Everything has gone pretty well so far, but today is the big day that I have to shoot the owner for the cover and do some employee shots. I woke up at 3am and laid there and worried about it until about 4:30. I'm going to sleep well when this is all over!

So far it's going well, although I've never done a shoot like this before, so I don't really have anything to compare it to. The photos won't win any awards, but I think they're what the magazine wants. There's only so many ways to shoot the install bay of a car audio store. I'm used to doing more artistic shots, but I don't think the publisher is looking for art in this case, so I'm keeping the shots pretty standard.

On another note, my Korean tutor came over yesterday and we had such a fun time! I learned a lot and we ended up inviting him to stay for dinner, and almost convinced him to stay for a Korean movie. He offered to make us a Korean dinner one of these days, which would be really fun! I think he's going to be a good friend for our family, we really enjoyed having him here. I think he's going to be coming over once a week.

So between spending most of the day shooting for the magazine and spending my evening learning Korean, it was a super busy day yesterday, but also a pretty sucessful one. I feel like I accomplished a lot. I learned to count to 10 in Korean and didn't screw up the magazine photos. Two ingredients for a pretty good day. Let's just hope that I have the same success today!!

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