Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok, maybe I did have something interesting to post today after all!

So I've been doing the Rosetta Stone program to learn Korean, and it's going pretty well but because it's an immersion program there is no English explainations or translations at all. That's supposed to be the best way to learn a language, and I agree that it probably is, but with no English explainations on sentence structure or anything, it sometimes gets tricky and I occasionally get lost.

So when I get lost I call Shawn at work and ask him if I can talk to one of his employees named Larry, who is Korean, and he always has the answers. Today I totally got lost so I called to talk to him and we had a good conversation about sentence structure and formal vs. informal speech and it was so helpful that we decided to get together once a week!! He hasn't lived in Korea for years, so his Korean is a little rusty, but he wants to brush up on it anyway, so he really liked the idea of teaching someone. He used to be an international communications major as well, so he knows a lot about learning a second language.

I'm totally excited to have my own Korean tutor!! I'm going to keep doing the Rosetta Stone program, because for the most part it really is working, but he can come over once a week and answer questions and clarify things a little so that it's less confusing. In exchange I'm doing a photo shoot of him and his girlfriend for free. I love exchanging skills.

So YAY! There's my exciting news for the day! I might just tackle Korean after all!

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