Wednesday, January 21, 2009

14 months and counting

Well, here we are, we've officially waited 14 months. Most months I have a little celebration that I've gotten through another month, but frankly, at this point every month is just getting harder and harder. Knowing that there were no referrals last month and none so far this month, I don't feel like we're any closer now than we were in November.

I'm so unbelievably ready for this. I'm SO ready. I've been consumed with waiting for 14 months now and I'm totally over it! I'm just ready to get on a plane right now and go get our baby so that we can move past this phase of our lives. I'm ready for sleepless nights, I'm ready to change diapers again, I'm ready for toddler tantrums, I've been mentally preparing myself for this for so long. I've read books about attachment in adopted children, I've hung on every word discussed in the Korean adoption message board, I've read other people's blogs about their adoption experience and now I'm just totally ready. There is so much unknown when you adopt a child, or bring any child into your life, really, but I'm ready for it. I'm up for the challenge.

Unfortunately the challenge still isn't ready for me. As far as I know we're still stuck at #7. I feel like someone has hit the pause button and I desperately want to push play.

So there is my adoption whine for the day. I know that no one wants to hear me whine about how long this is taking, but sometimes I just have to get it out.

So moving on to something else, I was all excited to share a photo today of Clarissa's room painted, but there's not really much to share yet. The painter came over and put the white stripe on the wall and then he's going to come back either this afternoon or tomorrow and put the other colors on. So today the room looks pretty much like it did yesterday, it just has a white stripe on the wall. Hopefully by this evening it will be finished and then I'll have something to share. I'm really excited about it being finished, I think it's going to be cute!

We've used this painter before for other projects, so we're already kind of acquainted, but when I told him yesterday that we're getting the room ready for an adopted baby he said that they're in the process of adopting a little boy from the Philippines! So we had a good chat about it while he painted. Aside from all the internet friends I've made who are adopting internationally I know very few people in real life who have done it or are doing it, so it's always really exciting to find someone I can chat with.

So today I don't have a lot going on other than waiting for the painter to come back and working on some photography projects. I've been looking for some artwork to put in our dining room but I can't find anything I love. Then it occured to me that I'm a photographer. Hellooo, I create artwork. So today I'm going to come up with an idea. I'm thinking of doing a series of something (I haven't decided what yet) and then having them put on canvas. A three canvas series would look nice in our dining room. I just have to come up with the idea and get it shot first. The nice thing about doing that is that I can make sure that it exactly matches the colors and decor of the dining room. I think it will work, it's just going to take some planning. It's the kind of thing I love though. I can get totally lost in a project like this. I'll share what I came up with when I get it finished!

So in summary: Yay for 14 months, boo for it taking so long, someone push the play button, the painter is adopting and my dining room needs artwork. How's that for some random babble? :)

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Rebecca said...

I wish I could push that play button for you. You have been waiting a long time.

Good luck on the dining room stuff!