Saturday, January 24, 2009

The black hole

Today we went and picked out the carpet for Clarissa's room. We did manage to get a remnant, which saved us a lot of money. It's not super exiting carpet, just a light brown, kinda shaggy, match anything kind of carpet, but I think it will look nice. That room is going to be completely new when I finish it. They're coming to install the carpet on Tuesday and then hopefully within the next few weeks the bed should be here. After that I'll start doing some decorating and hang things on the wall.

So now we're home from picking out carpet and I'm kind of worn out. I've been really stressed out for the past couple of weeks about several different things and then with the Decision That Shall Not Be Named (still not decided, BTW) it sort of put me over the edge. Today I'm just tired, cranky and I have a headache.

I was reading back over my blog last night and it occured to me that last summer my blog posts were a LOT more fun than they've been lately! Last summer I was talking about fun trips and photography stuff and searching for alligators and lately they've been kind of blah and unhappy. I hate to be that kind of person, but winter does that to me every year. I'm not a big fan of January anyway and the stress of the adoption wait right now isn't helping.

So bear with me, I swear my blog is going to get fun again eventually! I vow to shake this mood I've been in lately and start blogging about something more interesting. There are so many exciting things to look forward to. Thankfully the black hole that is January is almost over, Feburary is short and by March I hope that the adoption referrals are moving again and I'll have lots more fun things to talk about. We're also taking a really fun vacation to Memphis in March that I'm really looking forward to. Fun times are ahead, I'm just sure of it!!


Jenn said...

Oh Wendy, your blog doesn't have to be witty and fun everyday, it's about life and unfortunately life just isn't like that all the time! I really hope everyone's positive thoughts/prayers/happy vibes found their way to you and are helping in the Decision That Shall Not Be Named. I'm hoping you feel up soon, but everyone is entitled to a little down time once in a while. BTW I posted an award for you on my blog this morning and linked it here and to your photog. site. :)

Christie said...

My mom and I follow your blog and are hoping that you have some peace in making your big decision.