Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Well, here we are again, it's New Years resolution time. Darn, I hate it when I have to admit to myself that there are things I should doing better! And I hate it even more when I realize that the list is long!

But January is always a good time to reevaluate things and resolve to make a new start, so I'm working on it. I always have a list of things I'm going to work on and most of them are forgotten by the third week in January. One of my resolutions this year is to try harder to keep my resolutions!

I have several, one of them is to eat better. I'm a total comfort food eater, and I'm an emotional eater. I could definitely benefit from better eating habits and I'm really working on it. Today I've been compiling some new recipes so I can get myself out of my rut of the same boring food that I'm tired of.

I've also signed back up with Weight Watchers online. I love Weight Watchers, it really helps me keep track of what I'm eating and it forces me to make better choices. I'm resolving to lose a few pounds, unfortunately they're the same pounds that I lost last year and gained back again. I'm pretty sure I've gained and lost the same 15 pounds about 50 times now. I lose weight really easily when I put my mind to it, the problem is that I also gain it back really easily as soon as I stop paying attention. I'm resolving to pay attention this time.

I'm also resolving to spend less time on my computer and to spend more time doing something constructive. I feel like too much of my life takes place on my laptop these days! Between my adoption message board, my other internet friends, my photography business which is mostly done online, learning Korean on Rosetta Stone and the time I spend working in Photoshop, I spend more time on my computer than I ought to. With the kids in school it's really easy for me to sit down in the afternoon to work on a project for "a few minutes" and look up two hours later and realize that my few minutes took all afternoon. There comes a time when you have to put the laptop down and go take a walk or something. I'm working on it. Of course I say that while I'm sitting here working on my blog. :)

I figure I've got about six months to get myself in better shape and work on getting things in order for Clarissa to get here. My life is really pretty simple at the moment. The kids are in school and I'm home alone for part of the day so I've got more free time right now than I've had in years. Once Clarissa gets here that's going to be over and I'm going to be back to diapers and baby food and nap schedules and sleepless nights for a while. I'm actually looking forward to that but I don't want to waste the next six months I've got of peace and quiet before she gets here. I'm hoping to get some projects done, and take advantage of the free time while I've got it. This is the perfect opportunity for me to get my to do list out of the way so that I can focus on Clarissa when she arrives. I have feeling that the last half of this year is going to be really chaotic and I want to be ready for it!

So now I'm getting off my computer, I'm going to go through my kitchen cupboards and throw out some junk and then come up with something new and different for dinner tonight. I resolove to make good use of the rest of my afternoon.


Jenn said...

I hope you're better at keeping your computer resolution than I am. My resolution is that I need a netbook so that I can take my computer life with me while I'm doing other things LoL That wont be happening either!

Maggie said...

You have an award on my blog! Come and check it out.