Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday update

I got the weekly e-mail from our agency today. Nothing new. *sigh* This wait is getting really old, really fast. Bleh.

In other news, Shawn got his eye taken care of yesterday. Poor guy, I couldn't handle hearing most of the details, but he had to have a few numbing shots in his eyelid, which apparently was no fun at all. Ouch. He's recovering fine, although it looks like someone punched him in the face. His eye is black and blue. To the dissapointment of his coworkers he didn't have to wear an eye patch although that didn't stop them from their pirate pranks! I may or may not have contributed a photoshopped photo of Shawn with an eyepatch, pirate hat and parrot on his shoulder.

OK, I did. :) Good times.

Today there's not a whole lot going on. The boys are out of school today, so we're starting a long weekend. They've been playing with friends today, so that has kept them busy. There is a family in our neighborhood who also has two boys the same age as our boys, so we've swapped kids today. Matthew is at their house and their older son is at our house.

This morning before they went to play with friends the two of them were up in Matthews bedroom working on some project that I'm not allowed to know about. Shawn said that he gave them a Valentine's related project to do today, and apparently it's a secret until tomorrow. I can't wait to find out what it is! :)

Oh, and speaking of Valentine's Day, I got my present from Shawn yesterday. A BlackBerry Storm! Yay! I'm a total electronic gadget nerd, I've had a good time playing with it today. It's a lot more fun than my old cell phone was! It's amazing to me what you can do with cellphones these days. So now I can get my e-mail wherever I go. That means that every Friday I can get the e-mail from my agency letting me know that I'm still #7, even if I'm away from home. Woohoo. :)

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