Friday, February 27, 2009

The good news and the really ridiculous news

Oh, you're all going to love this. :)

I just got the weekly update e-mail from our agency and I am happy to report that our agency FINALLY received a referral this week! YAY!! Not for us, of course, but at least there is some happy family out there right now who can finally breathe a sigh of relief that their referral wait is over, and I'm ecstatic to hear that referrals are finally happening again! I hope that it's just the first of many to come soon!

Ok, so that was the really great news, now do you want to hear the really ridiculous news?? Of course you do!

I talked to the agency to ask a question about some paperwork and to see how things are moving and I found something out. All this time when I thought we were #7, I had misunderstood. There were seven families AHEAD of us, making us #8, not #7. Somehow I misread an e-mail or something I guess. I'm still confused as to how I had the number wrong. I just looked back in my blog and in November I posted that we were #8. I don't know remember anymore how I came to decide that we were number seven except that I thought that's what they told me. It's entirely possible that she said that there were seven families in front of us and I just heard the word seven and planted that in my head. Anyway, I guess it doesn't matter, the point is that while I've been whining about being #7, we were actually #8.

So now that there has been a referral and I can finally celebrate that things are moving again, guess what number we are??! NUMBER SEVEN!!

I think the universe hates me. :)


Jill said...

As someone who is just about to add herself to the end of that very same list - that made me chuckle! Congrats on being number seven! I hope you don't stay there as long as you stayed at number 8!

The cool family! said...

LOL, oh man what a bummer!! I hope things are moving faster now!

Melanie said...

LOL Time to celebrate #7 all over again!

Amanda said...

Oh, no! Bless your heart for finding the humor in all this!

Laura said...

I know it's not funny, but this post totally made me laugh out loud! Congrats on moving up to...............7!!

I love following your journey.

Jenn said...

Oh jeez, that is totally ridiculous Wendy! I'm sorry, but I laughed a little... but only because I've done the same thing!

Here's hoping two refferals go out so we can catch up on the numbers!

EB said...

Well that's because YOUR baby was #8 (presently #7). Your girl is waiting for you...fear not. In time, she will be with you and your wonderful family. :-)

Anna said...

LOL, I keep checking so I can cheer with you on being number six- and you're finally number seven! At least the refferrals are coming again.