Thursday, March 19, 2009

Homestudy revisited

I got a call from our adoption agency today. I saw the number on my caller ID and had a momentary freakout since they rarely call unless it's important. For a brief second I thought it might be the referral call!

Unfortunately it wasn't. She was calling to tell me that we've now been waiting so long that we have to do a homestudy update. We have to have another physical, we have to be refingerprinted and all that fun stuff. Blah!! It's pretty depressing to think that our file has been sitting in Korea for so long that the information in it is too outdated to use, isn't it?

We'll do what we have to do though, I guess. I'll do anything to get Clarissa here at this point. This kind of stuff always makes me nervous though. I have a fear that something will come up in the physical or something that will make us no longer eligible to adopt. Wouldn't that SUCK?! It's highly unlikely, everything will probably be fine, but I'll still worry about it until the update is done and we're back on track again. We'll hurry as fast as we can to get everything done and it shouldn't be a big deal. I hope.

I went through this when we first applied to adopt. I worried with every step we took in the process that something would disqualify us. I remember even worrying when we went in for our background checks that they would find something, lol. There's absolutely nothing to find so I knew that there was no possible way that there was anything there that could disqualify us, but still, I worried.

It's just a formality. They just want to make sure that nothing has changed and nothing has. Our health is the same, we live in the same house with the same number of family members, Shawn still has the same job. The only thing that has changed in the past year and a half is that there is now a sweet little girls room with lavender and green walls and a closet full of clothes waiting for the little girl who will hopefully join us soon.

I'm ready. I'm MORE than ready. I know that Clarissa is out there somewhere and I want her home with us. Every day it gets a little bit harder to wait, but at least I know that every day is one day closer to having her in my arms.

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