Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Friday afternoon...

and we all know what that means. I'm sitting here staring at my computer and carrying my Blackberry with me everywhere I go, waiting for the Friday update e-mail from the agency. It's 1:52 here right now. Come oooooon already! We're in Idaho and our agency is in Washington though, so it's only 12:52 where they are. I just looked at last weeks e-mail and it came at 1:59. I assume that's 1:59 my time.

So this is what I do on Friday afternoons. I become the crazy person who counts minutes and stays glued to her Blackberry. Good news or bad, I'll be in a much better mood once that e-mail gets here and at least I can put it out of my mind (sort of) until next Friday.

I'll keep you posted!

Update: It's now 2:30 and there's still no e-mail. However I did just discover that I've been carrying my Blackberry around for at least an hour with the wireless connection turned off, so no mail could get through. Ooops. It's fixed now, but still no e-mail. :(

UPDATE!! It's 3:08 and I just got the e-mail. It looks like there was a referral this week!!!! Her wording confused me a little though, so I'm not positive that it makes us #3 now. I just called her and left a message and I hope she calls me back in a few minutes. We might be #3!! I'm going to make a seperate post once I know for sure. Hopefully I'll be back with more info soon!

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