Friday, March 27, 2009

It's Friday again...

No news yet.

I did just read an entire book on my Ipod this morning while I'm waiting though! (My ipod touch has an Amazon Kindle application now! Woohoo!) It's called Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. It's a teenage book, really, but I enjoyed it and it gave me something to do while I wait. If you like young adult books, it's a good one.

Yesterday I told Shawn that I was craving bread from Great Harvest Bread so this morning he went out and bought some. I love my husband. He brought home some regular bread and also some banana bread, which is so ridiculously good. So I've pretty much done nothing today except read a book and eat banana bread.

Now it's almost noon and I really need to get myself moving. The kids have been happily entertaining each other all morning, but that's bound to change any moment now and I really need to get my house straightened up and do something productive this afternoon. Hopefully that will take my mind off the impending email from the agency. It seems to be coming between about 2-4 o'clock, so I still have a couple of hours before I can realistically expect it to show up.

I'll keep you posted!

Update: it's 4:25 and I still haven't gotten the e-mail. It's only 3:25 at our agency, so there's still time, but they usually don't come this late so I'm losing hope a little that there's going to be one today. Normally she sends the update even if there's nothing to report, but this same thing happened three weeks ago. I waited all day and got nothing. I don't know if it means she's out of the office or what, but I hate it when there's no Friday update. All that obsessing for nothing.

Let's cross our fingers that she's just busy and I'll hear something soon!


JET said...

I am waiting anxiously with you Wendy.

My5Blessings said...

Any news yet?

Wendy said...

Nothing. :(

My5Blessings said...

Well like they always say "no news is good news". Let's hope that is the case today.

Kaylene said...

You're newest post won't let my comment, so I'll just comment on this one, I'm getting so excited for you! I really hope that things go smoothly for you, and most of all that you get your little Clarissa so soon, and she's such a prefect match for you! (((HUGS)))