Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Sunday of coincidences

This morning I was looking up something on youtube and I came across a video of David Archuletta singing "Be Still My Soul" and it was the absolute most beautiful version of that song I've ever heard. I'm not really an American Idol fan and I don't know all that much about David Archuletta, but I spent all morning listening to that song and I mentioned to my husband that I wished he went to our church, because I would love to hear more musical numbers from him. I had David Archuletta on my brain all morning.

Then this afternoon I went to church. I teach a class of 9 year olds at my church and when I sat down with them today they were all freaking out because David Archuletta was just standing in the foyer of our building! We live in Boise, I have absolutely no idea why he was at our church today. I thought my kids must have been making it up or something, but after church my husband said that everyone in Sunday School was talking about it. No one seemed to know what he was doing there and I don't know anyone that spoke to him, but a whole bunch of people saw him. How weird!

Then we got in the car to go home and Matthew mentioned that he got a cool pencil from his teacher for being good today, but he was bummed because it wasn't sharpened. Guess what Josh got from his teacher today? A pencil sharpener. :)

We giggled about it all the way home. :)

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~April~ said...

That is so funny. All of it! :)