Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why I love my husband, reason #72

So we're getting ready to go on our trip soon and I'm freaking out about flying. Freaking. Out.

So my husband gave me a big pep talk about how I should pretend like we're on a bus instead of a plane. Buses aren't scary, right?!

So now whenever he refers to anything airplane related, he refers to it as the big bus, which makes me laugh instead of freak out. Whenever I start freaking out about the plane he says "plane? What plane? We're not going on a plane, we're taking the big bus!"

It's nice living with someone who gets me. When he realizes that he can't reason with me, he's happy just to humor me. :)


Misty said...

Cute! Hoping to hear good news on your friday email! Maybe a 5 or a 2? ;) Thinking of you and hoping you hear some more good news and that your little girl soon comes soon!!

Misty said...

PS..that should have been.."comes home soon!" :)