Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The ducks hatched last night!

And I missed it!! :(
I checked on the mama duck yesterday afternoon and nothing was out of the ordinary. She was still sitting on the eggs like nothing was new. I wasn't actually expecting them to hatch for a few more days.
Then this morning I went to check and there are baby ducks under her! I can't believe I missed the whole thing! They must have hatched during the night!
Last year she got off the eggs a lot in the afternoons and she got off of them completely when they were ready to hatch. But this year I almost never see her off of them. I haven't been able to get a good look at them in weeks, so I couldn't even check for cracks.
I'm SO bummed that I missed it!!! Watching the babies hatch last year was the best experience ever.
I'll get pictures in a little bit and post them, but there won't be hatching photos this year. :(

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Creatively Ewe said...

There is next year.. she will be back, chances are with the rain and the cold she didnt want to get off them in fear of them getting to cold.

Just think, next year Clarissa will be running round your back yard chasing baby duckies!

Sorry you missed it!