Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday meetings

Today has been a day of meetings. I had a training meeting for my new church secretary job this morning, a board meeting this afternoon and then this evening our social worker came by to update our homestudy.

Our social worker is really great, I enjoy having her here, but it was another round of on the spot questions! Remember earlier when I talked about our homestudy and I said that there wasn't a single thing that they don't know about us? Well aparently they found a few things they didn't know because they've added a few new questions to their homestudy report.

Today we each had to say who the biggest influence has been on our lives and why. Shawn said his dad because his dad taught him the value of hard work and the importance of families, and I said my grandparents because they've been married for around 70 years and they have the happiest marriage of anyone I've ever seen.

We also had to say what the biggest problem is in our marriage. That's a hard question to answer on the spot to someone you hardly know. We kind of umm'd and ahh'd and came up with something that probably didn't even make sense, but she wrote it down and seemed satisfied!

Then we had to list the names and ages of all of our nieces and nephews and what our siblings do for a living. In the origional homestudy we just had to give our siblings names and where they live, so this was extra info. I don't mind answering questions like that, it's not like those things are any big secret, but it just seems so weird for them to ask. The name of my 8 year old niece has a bearing on whether or not we're fit to adopt? I guess if it does I'll answer it with a smile on my face. At this point had she asked me to perform a musical number and recite a poem while standing on my head I would have done that too! :) I really do enjoy our social worker and I'm happy to comply with whatever I need to do, but it is kind of weird experience.

Anyway, my day of meetings is over and they were all sucessful, so tonight I'm resting my brain and doing absolutely nothing.

The weather here today is awesome! We went from 40 and 50 degree weather to 70 degrees overnight! This afternoon I went outside and sat with the mama duck for a while. When I feel stressed out I enjoy going out there and sitting in the sunshine and hanging out with the duck. She'll let me feed her little pieces of bread and she'll eat them right out of my hand, so I sat and fed her and then just laid in the grass and enjoyed the sun for a bit. A little sunshine on my face does me a world of good when I'm stressed out!

Speaking of the duck, there's not much happening at the moment, but she is sitting on the eggs full time now. It's fascinating to me how she knows exactly what to do. She has pulled out some of the small little down feathers off her body and put a layer of them around the eggs to insulate them. Then every few hours she gets up, sticks her beak down into the eggs and rotates them. The underside of a ducks beak curved just right so that they can use it to flip over the eggs. It really is fascinating to watch. Nature is amazing.

So now that I've blogged I'm going to turn on the TV and turn off my brain for a few hours. Sounds like the perfect end to my day!

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Lanny said...

On our Homestudy paperwork, not only were we asked the names & occupations of our parents and siblings (and the names of their children), but we were also asked for their height and weight! Really, can you see me calling my mother-in-law and asking her for the number that pops up on her scale?

I've followed your story since OBBC, and just wanted to let you know how excited I am that you're getting so close! :)