Thursday, May 21, 2009

18 months

Well, here we are, at the milestone I didn't really want to reach. Today we have officially waited 18 months.

Somehow I just honestly didn't think it was going to take this long. I've seen plenty of people from our agency get their referrrals in 16-17 months recently and I just figured we'd probably be one of them. I guess the good news is that it's not very often that I see referrals for people that are longer than 18 months. That means that the likihood of something happening in the next 30 days is really good.

So if I'm back here posting on June 21st that we've reached 19 months with no referral I'm going to be seriously depressed. Actually, come to think of it, June 21st is our 12th wedding anniversary AND Fathers Day. That would be a real bummer of a day to be depressed. I think we're going to Portland that weekend. Shawn is taking me to the Portland Zoo for our anniversary. Some women need diamonds on their anniversary, I just want to go to the zoo and watch the monkeys. :) Who could be depressed at the zoo??

So I won't even think about 19 months with no referral. I'm going to the zoo with a picture of Clarissa in my pocket, and that's final. :)

On another note, I had SO much fun with our little referral guess game yesterday! I thought 5-6 people would respond and so far there has been over 30! Knowing that you're all coming here everyday, checking up on us and waiting with us makes me smile. I sometimes think I couldn't have gotten through this wait without this blog to spill my guts on and all my friends who show up here to encourage me. It's made the process more fun and I think this blog is always going to be something that we'll enjoy reading again someday when this time in our lives has passed.

So here we are in the home stretch. It can't be much longer now. One day soon our phone is going to ring and its finally going to be the news we've been waiting for. Clarissa is out there somewhere and any day now we're all finally going to get to see her face. Stay tuned.


Kate said...

Ugh. For as anxious and excited as I get for you you'd think I was your best friend or something. lol. I love your new layout btw. It is adorable and you are awesome and clarissa is lucky and your family rocks.

Kaylene said...

Oregon Zoo is Awesome! I was there just last week. Got this one of my hubby, I'm loving it, but he wants it 3'x3' on the wall... uh NO.

You'll love Portland, I had a great time there!