Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another day, another book

OK, so yesterday I read Tori Spellings book to get me through a long day of waiting for the phone to ring. I read the whole thing in an afternoon, and I know it makes me totally cheesy, but I really liked it! It made me laugh and I thought it was cute.

So today I'm back for round 2 of the totally cheesy Hollywood memoirs to get me through another day. Today I will be reading Here's The Story by Maureen McCormick. Yes, today I'm revisiting The Brady Bunch. :)

I was kind of a TV junkie growing up (who am I kidding, I still am) and I have quite a nostalgia for cheesy TV shows of my youth. In fact, I have an embarrassingly large collection of old TV shows on DVD. Want to watch the second season of Doogie Houser? I've got it. Want to have a Roseanne marathon that will take all day and most of the night? Come on over! Cheesy TV shows from the 80's and 90's are my guilty pleasure. They don't make TV shows like that any more.

Anyway, Brady Bunch is obviously older than that, but I grew up on the reruns. (and now so are my kids because I have that show on DVD too). So today I'm going to keep my mind off the impending referral by reading all about how Maureen McCormick became Marsha Brady and what happened after that. I wonder how many memoirs of cheesy TV show actresses I can read before the referral comes. Maybe THAT should be my new blog game.

Remember when Marsha went out to tell the boys it was time for dinner and they threw a football at her face? Classic....


Nicole said...

"Now I'll never be a teen model!" I used to LOVE that show.

Janice and Jessica said...

I always loved the one where she Marcia was a freshman and joined all these clubs and Peter's volcano spewed all over all the popular girls.

Boo Hoo, I was 8 when this show started and I absolutely loved it!!! Watched it every Friday night at 8PM.