Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another week, another whine

Well, here we are AGAIN! Another week has passed with no referral. Will this be the week?

It's sort of getting hard for me to post on my blog these days. I feel like every single blog post says the exact same thing. There's not a whole lot of excitment going on at our house these days and there is a WHOLE bunch of me waiting impatiently by the phone. Not exactly the most exciting stuff to blog about! :)

So if I post a little bit less for the next little bit, that's why. I just don't want to keep making post after post about how I'm tired of the wait and that nothing is happening. If you don't hear from me it just means that there's nothing new. When the phonecall finally comes you're all going to know, I promise!

Tomorrow I have my six month checkup at the dentist and I know it's silly but it's totally bumming me out because when I made my appointment six months ago I was almost positive that I would have our referral by the time I had to go back. Several months ago I made a list on my blog of all the milestones I had to reach before the referral would get here. I remember saying that by the time I went back to the dentist I would probably have the referral. I also said that I was looking forward to the season finale of The Office because I would hopefully have the referral by then. The season finale of The Office is this Thursday. I shouldn't have set up milestones for myself. It's too depressing to pass them!!

In much happier news, I had a really great Mothers Day on Sunday. Shawn and the boys spoiled me rotten all day and they were super sweet. Shawn always goes way out of his way to make sure that I feel extra special on holidays and I really appreciate that. He's a great husband and a great example to our boys. I'm lucky to have such a fantastic husband and such sweet kids. They make it impossible to be too bummed out. Everytime I feel sorry for myself one of the kids gives me a hug or says something funny and it always lightens my mood. I'm grateful for them.

So today I'm back to trying to keep busy and trying to stop waiting for the phone to ring. I'm trying, but not really succeeding. Truthfully the adoption is on my mind every second of every day. My baby is out there somewhere and I need to know who she is. Maybe this will be the week.


Tracie said...

Sorry, Wendy! I'm really hoping your referral comes very soon. This week would be great!!!

Kate said...

How sweet are you? Worried about us, random readers, being bored with your blog. This is your blog about your journey to adoption. Blog it. If you are the most boring thing ever to us when Clarissa is older reading this she will be the furtherest thing from bored. She needs to know how much you wanted her and how time seems to be stretching out and you need the outlet so blog it. Bore us to tears, but blog it!

Janice and Jessica said...

Kate is absolutely right. When you look back, you are going to be glad that you recorded your feelings.

I was actually getting worried because you hadn't posted. Please do continue, we want to know if that referral has come through yet too!!!

Dawn said...

Wendy- I'm keeping my fingers crossed for this to be THE week. (((hugs)))