Thursday, May 7, 2009

False alarm

So the agency called today.

Last week when I talked to them, the woman said that they try really hard not to call families who are at the top of the waiting list unless they have a referral because they don't want to mess with their emotions every time they answer the phone.

So today I was sitting around talking to my brother and suddenly the phone rang. On the other end it was THE woman. The woman whose call we have been waiting for for all this time. My heart literally jumped out of my chest.

Then she said "Don't get too excited! It's not a referral!!"

AAAAAHHHHHHHH!! Don't do that to me!!

She apologized up and down for calling me without a referral but it turns out that our USCIS fingerprints are getting close to expiring and we have to go get them renewed.

*SIGH* First our homestudy expired and now our fingerprints are about to expire. I don't want to hear the word expire one more time, I want to hear the word REFERRAL!!

She went on to say that I shouldn't get my hopes up too much for a May referral because this really could easily go on until June. They only get a couple referrals a month and they've already gotten a couple. There may not be another one this month.


Anyway, she said that she'd try not to call me again until the referral comes. Bleh.

On a better note, my brother and sister in law are here and we're having a blast! I absolutely love their family. Their kids are are so adorable, I can't get enough of them.

And I had forgotten how hysterically funny my brother is. We haven't stopped laughing since they got here. He's been playing guitar for us and making us laugh for 24 hours. They can come back any time!

They're going to go home tomorrow afternoon and then it will be time to relax in a quiet house again and try not to think about the adoption. I'm trying to keep busy. We have a few things going on tomorrow night and Saturday and I'm just going to keep my mind on of those things and try to stop waiting for the phone to ring. (with a REFERRAL this time!)


Hokie Family said...

I don't like what the WOMAN is telling you. What happened to a referral in 15 months? Oh the pain!

~April~ said...

Oh how crummy! I just want to reach out and give you a hug. I know it's got to be impossible but trust the Lord and have faith. It's coming!!

Jaime said...

I just can't wait until you get your referral!!!!It's going to happen so soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracie said...

UGH!!! Well, I guess it's better to not PLAN for a referral this month and end up disappointed. I guess.

The next call she makes to your home better be The One!