Thursday, May 21, 2009

Koreans at the White house

So today I got an e-mail from a woman in our town who is looking for someone to host a female Korean exchange student for this next school year. My first thought was "A Korean girl at my house?! YES PLEASE!" My second thought was that I have officially gone insane. I can't take an exchange student in at the same time Clarissa gets here. That's just too much chaos at once in our house.

So I e-mailed her back and told her that as much as I would love to, it just won't work for our family. Then she e-mailed me back and said that if we're interested in something short term they often have families host exchange students for a few weeks while they find a permanent family and wondered if we would be interested in that.

That actually sounds very intriguing. She'd probably come in August before school starts and if she's only with us for a few weeks she'd be gone before we go to pick up Clarissa. It might actually be really fun to have someone from Korea come and stay with us. It would keep me busy for a few weeks before we go get Clarissa, which would be great because I'll probably be a basket case at that point, and we all know how obsessed I am with anything remotely related to Korea these days! It would be so fun to have someone here who could answer my zillion questions and share her culture with us while we share ours with her.

The lady who e-mailed me said that she had the picture and profile of the girl and would be happy to send it to me if I wanted to look it over and think about it.

So I e-mailed the woman back and said that we would definitely talk it over and think about it and I asked her to send me the info about the girl.

And then she never e-mailed me back.

So I've been sitting here all evening obsessively checking my e-mail, waiting for a picture and info about a Korean girl who may be coming to live at our house.

Wait a minute...that sounds awfully like something I'm already doing...

How many Korean people coming to live at our house can I obsess over in one day?

I'm sure she'll e-mail me the info tomorrow or whenever she gets around to it. It's not a big deal and normally I wouldn't be impatient about something like that, but we all know I'm a little crazy at the moment. People need to stop telling me that they're going to send me info about a Korean girl who is coming to live with us and then make us wait. lol

So I don't know if the Korean exchange student thing is going to work out or not. Honestly, at this point I don't even have enough info to make a blog post about it. I wouldn't mention it at all except that in all my neuroses and obsessing I find it really amusing that I'm waiting for someone to send me info about a Korean girl who might be coming to live with us. After I checked my e-mail for the 800th time today I finally had to giggle at the ridiculousness of the situation.

So at this point I pretty much don't even have the patience to wait for a pizza to be delivered. If Pizza Hut told me that it would be here in 30 minutes and it took 32, I might just go postal.

Steer clear of the crazy lady, she's waiting for the Koreans. :)

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Kate said...

OH my goodness that was hilarious! I know I should be ashamed at laughing at your pain but I cant help it that irony is too funny. You are amazing.