Monday, May 4, 2009


Well here we are again, at the beginning of another week. Could this be the week? Likely not because there are some holidays going on in Korea right now so the agency is closed for a few days. I think that this past weekend was Buddas birthday and tomorrow is Childrens Day in Korea, which is a fun holiday for them. Parents give their children presents and there are lots of fun celebrations.

Normally I would totally make that a holiday in our family too, since I'm trying to incorporate Korean traditions into our family, but tomorrow is also Josh's birthday and I don't want his special day to get overshadowed by everyone else getting presents too.

Anyway, so I know that the agency is closed for a few days, which means the likelyhood of a referral this week is probably small. Strangely that's almost good news to me because if I know that the likelyhood is small I'll be less likely to jump at every phone call for the next few days. When I know what we're dealing with I can handle it better than not knowing, even if that means knowing that a referral is NOT coming.

It's also maybe a good thing because I have a super busy week coming up this week! Today I have a whole bunch of projects that I have to do for my church job, tomorrow is Josh's birthday so I'll be busy with that all day and then Wednesday my brother and his family are coming to visit!!

I really enjoy my brother and his family and I don't see them a whole lot, so I'm REALLY excited that they're coming to stay for a few days!! My brother has some time off work, so they're just coming to hang out for a few days. I really love his wife and they have three super cute kids, including a brand new baby who I'm SO excited to snuggle with while they're here!

My brother is five years younger than me and he is insanely musically talented. A few years ago he released a bluegrass guitar CD. He's a fantastic guitar player. While he's here I'm going to take some photos of him with his guitar and we're going to put together a website for him. The music is kind of a side gig for him, he's also a geologist.

When I have more time this week I'm going to make another blog post and share some of his music. He's really good!

This morning I had a good time shopping online for my Mothers Day gift! Shawn is normally really fantastic about picking out presents for me, I rarely shop for my own gifts, but this time I knew exactly what I wanted, so I picked it out myself. I'm getting a rice cooker! Now that I'm making Korean food so often, I'm always making sticky rice and I'm not really happy making it on the stove. It doesn't always come out the way I like it. Every time our Korean friend Larry comes over to make us Korean food he brings his rice cooker and it always makes perfect sticky rice.

I researched rice cookers forever and I finally picked one out this morning. It's a nice one that also works as a steamer, a slow cooker and does some other things. It has a timer on it, so I can actually put the rice in earlier in the day and just tell it when I want it to be finished. It will also switch to a warm setting when it's done so you can eat it whenever you decide you're ready. I'm really excited about it, I'm going to start making rice all the time!

It will be here in a couple of days, so it will be here in time for me to use it make Korean food for my brother and his family while they're here! I'm hoping I can talk them into watching a Korean movie with us. I'm still on a mission to convert people to Korean movies. :)

Anyway, this is shaping up to be a really busy, but really fun week. I'm happy to be busy right now. The more I can keep my mind occupied with other things, the less time I have to stress out over when the referral is going to get here!!

Stay tuned for my brothers awesome music later this week!


Misty said...

Oh my brother loves bluegrass music! He goes to the bluegrass festival each year they have it in Connecticut! I'm sure he'd love to hear your brothers music, too! I can tell him the name or whenever you post it here I can link him! :) Have fun with your brothers visit! And your rice cooker!

Tracie said...

My rice cooker just died! Seriously. Which one did you decide to buy? I'm a huge researcher, too... but I'm not above letting someone else do it for me. :) So share the wealth... which is the best rice cooker out there? (In your humble opinion, of course!)

Wendy said...

Here's the one I bought!

There were a few fancier ones out there, but they were over $200 and I didn't want to spend that much money on one. This one has really great reviews and it sounds like it will do everything I need it to! :)