Friday, May 15, 2009

Much better today!

Now that I've recovered (mostly) from the events of yesterday, I'm in a much better mood! It still hurts to open my mouth, so I can't eat very well, but at least I'm not totally drugged up and numb anymore! :)

So in my quest to do some Clarissa related projects while I wait out the remaining days or weeks before the referral, I've found a new obsession. Hair clips!

Last night I was looking online at for some hair ideas for little girls and I kept seeing these cute ribbon covered aligator clips. I was going to buy some, but then I decided that they looked simple to make and I'm in desperate need of something to keep me busy, so I ran out and bought alligator clips and ribbon.

I'm having all sorts of fun with it this morning! I'm learning how to make different types of bows out of ribbon and it's definitely entertaining me for the time being. I'll take some photos once I have several made.

So that's all that is happening here today. I'm sitting on my bed covered in ribbon, bows, hair clips and hot glue. Fun stuff! :)