Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ten good things about today

1. My rice cooker will be here!

2. My brother and his family will be here!

3. It's raining and I love rainy days.

4. My niece and nephew will be the first ones to try out Clarissa's bed. I'm strangely excited about someone finally sleeping in it!

5. We've having Bulgogi for dinner. YUM

6. I THINK I can talk my brother into watching a Korean movie. Finally! :)

7. Leftover birthday cake.

8. The Korean agency is open again after being closed for the holiday.

9. We're one day closer to our referral.

10. The boys had a dental cleaning a couple of days ago and neither of them had a cavity. We had been struggling with Josh remembering to brush his teeth in the mornings, but a month or so ago he started doing it every single morning without being reminded and he's done great. I mentioned to him today that I'm proud of him for being so responsible and taking care of his teeth without being reminded and he said "Yeah, I did it to impress a girl." LOL! Apparently there is a girl in his class that he likes and he's been making sure his teeth are brushed in the morning so that he'll have nice looking teeth and nice breath for her. I'm still giggling about that.

Yay for today! :)

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