Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth

So far this has not been my week. I had a crown put on one of my molars a year or so ago and ever since I had it done I've been having problems with that tooth. Then a few weeks ago I got an abcess in it and I had to go on antibiotics for it. That cleared it up, but yesterday it started bothering me again. This morning I had my six month checkup, so they x-rayed it and there is a huge abcess and to make a long story short I have to have a root canal tomorrow. Faaaantastic.

So tomorrow I get to take a break from sitting by the phone watching it not ring to go in and have a root canal. I think I need a vacation. Maybe tomorrow when I'm laying in the dentist chair on Halcion and nitrious oxide I can hallucinate myself a vacation to Maui, lol.

Now for the good news, I posted on Craigslist a week or so ago looking to hire someone to do some translation work for me. I'm working on a few things that I want to send to Clarissa in a care package once we get the referral and I really really want to do everything in Korean. I want to send her foster mother a thank you note, and it's important to me that it's in accurately translated Korean instead of in English. I don't know why, I'm sure that she can get it translated by the agency, but I just have so much love and respect for the person who is taking care of our child that I want to be able to say thank you in her language. It's important to me. I'm also making a picture book for Clarissa with pictures of our family and I want all the words in the book to be in Korean. I want her foster mother to be able to read it to her without having to translate it.

So anyway, I've been looking for someone to do some translation work for me and I can't find anyone local to do it. Our only Korean friend is Larry, and he does speak Korean but not often anymore, so he's a little rusty. It's a lot of work for him to translate and he's busy enough with his new job. He offered to send it to his dad and have him do it, but I have a feeling that I'm going to want several things translated over the next several months and it's a lot to ask to keep asking Larry's dad to do it for me.

Anway, the point of my story is that I found someone! I actually got an e-mail from a company that hires freelance translators for jobs like this. She gave me the profiles of three different people to choose from and I chose a native Korean who has lived in the US for 7 years and has extensive translating experience. I can contact him any time I need something translated and he charges by the word. Most of the things I need translated will be small, so it's not going to cost me very much and it will make me happy to be able to communicate with Clarissa's foster mother in Korean.

So there's the good news and the bad news today. I have to have a root canal, but I found a translator so that I can start working on some projects for Clarissa. I can't wait to show you what I'm making!


Tracie said...

I've been working on the same thing... trying to find a translator, not a root canal. :)

My son has a friend who served in Korea and said he'd be happy to translate for us into Hangul. His trainer in Korea (who is Korean)is living here now and can also do it.

It's a relief to have that lined up!

Heather Montgomery said...

THat stinks about the root canal. Thtey are not that bad, I had one done last week and I am pregnant so no pain meds other than novicaine and I had little to no pain. Good Luck