Friday, May 22, 2009


At least I can cross one waiting Korean off my list! Last night, not long after I made my blog post, I got the e-mail from the woman about the girl who might be staying with us for a few weeks.

She's a cute girl and I loved reading her application. It sounds like it might a really fun opportunity for us! She'd be be coming at the beginning of August and she'd be here for probably 2-6 weeks. That would work out perfectly for us, since if things work out the way we're hoping, we'll hopefully be going to get Clarissa around the middle or end of September. (or October if things don't hurry up!!)

I'm nervous about having someone come live at my house and I'm worried that she'll be bored here, but I also think it might be a really fun experience for our family. She might end up being a huge blessing if I'm going crazy for those last few weeks before we go pick up Clarissa. Spending time with her might help keep my mind off of things a bit and I think it would be so fun to show her around help her get adjusted to the US. I'm constantly trying to find someone to teach me about Korea and I think it would be really fun too get to teach her about the US. I think we could have fun with her.

So anyway, we're thinking about it. We didn't want to make a decision to quickly, so we're taking the weekend to decide if it's something we want to take on. We're leaning towards doing it, but I'm still weighing the pro's and cons.

I'm open to advice and opinions if you've got them!


Susan Lechuga said...

I say go for it. It will help you learn more about the Korean Culture. It will help fill her room for a couple of days. You will be able to spoil a beautiful little girl and make an impression on her life. I think it would be great. I would do it. You could use the distraction.

Jaime said...

Do it!!!! Imagine all that you could learn from her! That would be awesome and it will be so cool to experience her first time in the US with her!!!

Rebecca said...

I think that is a fabulous idea!