Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laughing Cows and Plutonium

OK, so I'm apparently not psychic because June 9th has come and gone with no referral. :( I was pretty mopey about it yesterday. Some day are just harder than others.

So today I decided to pull myself together and get out of the house for a few hours. Matthew and I wandered through Kohls for a while (where they're having a BOGO sale today in case you're interested!) and then we went to the grocery store.

I was in the mood for something different for lunch today and nothing really sounded good until I walked past the Laughing Cow cheese. I had never tried those little Laughing Cow swiss wedges before, but I love cheese and it sounded good so I bought some.

I brought it home, ate a little wedge with some Wheat Thins and now I'm totally hooked! YUM! Why have I never tried this stuff before??!

So then I decided to blog about how much I love Laughing Cow cheese (because sadly that's the most exciting thing going on in my life today), and while I was searching for a photo of it to add to my story, I came across a recipe for chicken cordon bleu with laughing cow cheese that sounds really good! This sounds SO good that I might be making it for dinner tonight. YUM.

Here's the recipe:


4 boneless skinless chicken breasts pounded thin to 1/4 inch
1/8 cup seasoned bread crumbs
seasoning salt
cooking spray
4 pieces Laughing Cow cheese
4 pieces lean ham (or prosciutto)


1. Preheat oven to 400.
2. Spray 13x9 with cooking spray.
3. Place one piece of cheese and one piece of ham in each chicken breast and roll jellyroll style.
4. Secure with toothpicks and coat with bread crumbs.
5. Place seam side down in pan.
6. Sprinkle with seasoning salt.
7. Bake for 35-45 minutes or until done.

That sounds really yummy to me!

So in half an hour Matthew will be getting on the school bus and then my long afternoon begins. I haven't decided what I'm going to do today.

Let's see, I could put on the shirt I bought at Kohls this morning and have a fashion show in the bathroom. I could see how much Laughing Cow cheese I can eat in one afternoon. I could try to get bitten by a radioactive animal that will give me a super power that will allow me to force the phone to ring with a call from the agency. I could attempt to built a time machine out of an old Delorean and some stolen plutonium (or a lighting bolt from a clock tower, you choose) and drive myself a month or so into the future and see if there is a referral yet.

Or I could do what I normally do in the afternoons and do a little reading, have a little computer time (I'm embarassingly addicted to Plants vs. Zombies. If you haven't played that game, you should), think about what we're having for dinner and wait for the phone to ring.

Hmmm...I'm seriously considering that Delorean and plutonium idea.


Tracie said...

I just tried Laughing Cow for the first time yesterday! It's a keeper! Makes celery edible...

Jill said...

The Back to the Future references had me laughing! Here's to hoping you find that plutonium in a timely manner and that no men with big guns in a volkswagon van come chasing after you for it!

Melanie said...

I made a very similar recipe a couple weeks ago and it was delicious!

Hokie Family said...

I really love that cheese with the "All-Bran Crackers: Garlic Herb". It's a really great combo plus its really healthy. lots of fiber.
You are a trooper. I don't think i waited this long with all 3 of my adoption combined. It is going to be amazing when it finally happens. i hope it's soon. her presents are burning a hole in my closet.

Julie said...

Totally addicted to Plants vs Zombies. I am on my 3rd time around.

My5Blessings said...

Once you get "the call" then how do you get pictures and information about your child? Then what is the process after the referral to pick her up fom Korea?

Cara said...

Laughing Cow rocks... we eat it on bagels, english muffins, celery. DS will eat is as a sandwhich on toasted bread. Good stuff!