Thursday, June 25, 2009


This has been an insanely busy, but really great week. Tomorrow is Friday and I'm not wondering about what the Friday update will say! YAY! :)

This week I've just been working through my long to-do list trying to get things done as fast as I can. At the moment I'm waiting for UPS to show up at my house with all the paperwork we have to fill out, have notorized and sent back. It should be here any minute now and then I'm going to be spending the day going through it.

Things are crazy around here right now, but I'm loving it. I'm absolutely loving that there are stacks of paperwork I have to complete today. I'm finally actually DOING something instead of just waiting helplessly for the phone to ring. People kept telling me that the wait gets harder once you get your referral, but I'm not feeling that at the moment. The wait is a million times easier for me now that I know who my daughter is and I know who is taking care of her. It was the not knowing that was so hard for me. I'm sure the wait is going to start getting hard again once the blissful state I'm currently in starts to wear off a little, but I'm enjoying this feeling while it lasts. Shawn and I keep joking that after waiting 19 months for the referral we could do the next 3-4 months standing on our heads. I'm OK with the 3-4 month wait. It's nothing compared to what we just did! At least I have Clarissa's photo to get me through this part of it. I printed out a copy and laminated it and I keep it in my pocket at all times. I like knowing that she's always with me.

Shawn and I were looking at the calendar at what we have coming up for the next few weeks and we're going to be BUSY for a while. Tomorrow we're leaving town again to spend the weekend with friends at a cabin. There are two families that live around the corner from us that we're really good friends with. I'm good friends with the women, my husband has guys night with the men sometimes and we all have kids the same age who get along great. One of the families owns a really nice cabin up in the mountains near here, in the same little town where we love to rent cabins. I LOVE going up there. They invited us and the other family to come stay with them this weekend and I think it's going to be really fun! Tomorrow night I'm making Korean food for everyone, which I'm excited about! We'll be there until Sunday.

The next weekend is the 4th of July and we're going to plan some sort of fun activity that weekend, but we haven't decided exactly what yet.

The weekend after that we're going out of town AGAIN! My mom hosts a cousins camp for all the grandkids at her house for a few days every summer, so we're taking the kids to that and then Shawn and I are on our own for a few days, which will be fun!

In the middle of all that we're going to have a lot of paperwork and other things to do in the coming months. I'm still not clear on everything that has to be done, but I'll figure it out as I go. We can only do one step at a time and this morning I'm getting ready to start step one. Once that's completed and approved I can move on to the next thing.

So it looks like we're gearing up for a whirlwind of a summer. I have a feeling that they next month or two is just going to fly by with all that we have going on. That's a good thing. Every day we're one day closer to being with our sweet Clarissa!


nikki said...

Sounds like she may be home just in time for Halloween!!!

Misty said...

I was just going to say that! :)