Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Today is June 9th, the day I randomly picked in my blog contest as the day I think that the referral will be here. Will today be the day? Who knows. Lately it feels like the wait is just going to keep going forever and I'm kind of struggling with it lately. I'm trying my hardest to stay busy and stay positive, but every day it gets a little bit harder.

This week I don't have any big projects that I'm working on. I'm trying to come up with one so that my project doesn't become pacing in front of the phone, but so far I haven't had any brilliant ideas. I've made a million hair bows, I've read a stack of books, I've done some projects for Clarissas care package and now I'm kind of tired of my quest to stay busy. I've still got a few more weeks of long afternoons to fill until the kids are out of school for the summer. I'm looking forward to them being out, a little chaos in my day sounds awesome right now!

So I continue to wait. I read through my blog the other day and realized that it's incredibly boring lately. I want this blog to be an honest look about what it's like to adopt a baby from Korea, and right now I guess the honest truth is that it's really boring! It's just day after day of waiting for the phone to ring and trying to stay busy so it doesn't drive me crazy. It's like those last few days of being pregnant when all you can do is sit there and wait for the contractions to start, only I've been waiting for the contractions to start for a few months now and no one has given me a due date.

So maybe today is the day. Maybe I've suddenly become psychic and I picked June 9th in the blog contest for a reason. Probably not, but I guess you never know! You'll have to stay tuned to find out!


Kaylene said...

I too am dealing with some deadlines in my life that are coming to pass with no end in sight, and NO control over the situation in any way. (((HUGS))) It's all I can do not to burst into tears at a slight suggestion at anything remotely involved in my head. Maybe it's time to start Christmas shopping, or maybe to dive into some different photography projects that have in no way any relations to the wait. Maybe start an Etsy Shop for those bows, more cash for more cutsey stuff for her later anyway! (((HUGS))) At least for me having the boys all at home and driving me up the wall isn't helping because I'm longing for the days, that I'd thought would be in grasp by now when everything would be different... More confused yet? I'm sure. I know my plight isn't anywhere near yours, but I hear you when you're struggling!

Make a temple trip! That should help a little!

Jaime said...

Girl your blog is anything but boring..Every day I log into your blog I'm on the ege of my seat wondering if today is THE day. I love the lil hairbow you made and would totally buy some for my 4 yr old hair!!!!

Your blog is awesome...don't change a thing! Well...I mean..I can't wait til there is a change but I can't wait to hear about life with your new baby girl!