Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another piece of the puzzle

Last week I contacted the agency and requested the name of the hospital that Clarissa was born in and they just got back to me with the name. That little piece of information certainly isn't life changing, but every little nugget of information I get about my daughter is so important to me. I now know exactly where my daughter was born. It's a real place with a name now, instead of just a generic hospital I imagined in my mind. The agency said that we're more than welcome to visit it, so I really think we're going to try to cram it in the trip. It's important to me.

In other news, this morning Shawn and I went over to the USCIS office to be refingerprinted for our I600. We had to be fingerprinted by the federal government when we first started the adoption process so that they could approve our I600A form. That was approved ages ago but now we're about to file the I600 form and it's been so long since we were fingerprinted for the I600A that our fingerprints have expired. Of course. Pretty much everything we did when we first applied to adopt has expired and at one point or another has had to be updated or redone.

One of the very first blog entries I ever made to this blog last year was about our trip to the USCIS office to submit our I600A form and be fingerprinted. It was a rather bizzarre experience, so I wrote a big long post about it, but then I decided that it was too sarcastic and didn't come across funny like I intended it to, so I amended it.

But basically our last trip to the USCIS office was not our favorite part of the process! It involved a scary security guard, te grumpiest government worker you've ever seen in your life and an odd lack of pens. He gave me a form to fill out and then yelled at me when I asked to borrow a pen to fill it out with. He made me wait until Shawn was done with his form and then use his pen. It's veeery serious business down at the USCIS office. We've been laughing about that experience for the past year.

So then when we realized that our fingerprints were expiring and we were going to have to go down there again, we weren't exactly looking foward to it! But our appointment was this morning, so we sucked it up and went.

To our surprise it was MUCH easier this time. We didn't have to go to the window and talk to Cranky Government Worker Who Won't Share His Pens. All we had to do was go into the fingerprint office and the very nice people there got us taken care of really quickly. It's all smiles in the fingerprint office. They couldn't have been nicer to us.

So now we have to wait for them to run a background check on us with our newly updated fingerprints and then we'll be ready for our agency to submit our I600 form as soon as our our legals arrive from Korea, which as far as I know still hasn't happened.

Last night I chatted with my Korean friend for a bit. Right now I'm working on Hangul, which is the Korean writing system. Learning to read Hangul is actually really fun, but a little tricky. It takes practice.

But we had a good time last night. We got out notebooks to write the letters on and then held them up to the webcam so that she could teach me and make sure that I was doing it correctly. I learned how to write the names of everyone in our family! It was fun! We also had a humerous time while she was teaching me the sounds of the Hangul characters. We were ooooh'ing and ahhh'ing at each other through the webcam. It must have looked really funny, lol. I'm so excited to meet her in person! We've become great friends.

So that's all I have to report today. There's nothing new in adoption news except that our fingerprints are done. The wait continues!

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